FAQ's About Walnut Grove
One big family!
Frequently Asked Questions About Walnut Grove AFC
What is the monthly charge/fee?
The basic charge is $2,472 per month, but if the resident requires extra care the
monthly charge may be higher.

What services are covered with the monthly charge/fee?
Room and board, meals, housekeeping, laundry services, medication
administration, activities & outings, satellite TV service in room (resident needs
to supply own TV), and 24 hour care are covered with the monthly charge/fee.

What expenses are NOT covered in the monthly charge/fee?
The cost for the following items is the responsibility of the resident/designated
representative and are not included in the monthly charge/fee:
  • All medical bills including but not limited to pharmacy, dental care and
 doctor visits.
  • Dietary supplements like Ensure & Boost and vitamins and minerals.
  • Personal care items: lotion, perfume, deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrush,
  toothpaste, denture care supplies.  (The home does provide soap,
 shampoo & conditioner).
  • Sanitary items like Depends & Attends.

If a resident runs out of a personal care item necessary for daily care one will
be provided and charged to the family via a monthly miscellaneous bill.

Is transportation provided for doctor visits?
We encourage family/designated care givers to take residents to their doctor
appointments whenever possible or to use services from Visiting Physicians as a
way to get to and from doctor visits. If necessary we can take a resident to a
doctor appointment but this is provided at an extra cost of $40 per hour which
will be charged to the family via a monthly miscellaneous bill.

Can I continue to see my current physician?
Residents can maintain their current physicians as desired or Visiting Physicians
can be arranged for you.  Visiting Physicians can also provide on-site services
like phlebotomy (blood draw/lab work), injections, vaccinations,
echocardiogram, ultrasound, halter monitor, and EKG’s. (residents can keep
their primary care physician in addition to a Visiting Physician)

How are medications managed?
Medication costs are the responsibility of the resident/designated representative.  
Residents can continue to get their medications from their current pharmacy or
through the mail if they desire as long as family/friends can pick up the
prescriptions, otherwise we would request that a local pharmacy be used for
ease of getting the prescriptions filled. We will administer medications for all
residents and are able to administer insulin or other injectable medications as

Do you offer special diets or menus?
We can accommodate special diets such as no concentrated sweets for
diabetics, low fat and/or low salt for residents with heart conditions, or other
restrictions like lactose intolerance. We serve family style meals in our home
and attempt to accommodate resident likes and dislikes to the best of our ability.

Can I have my own personal phone line?
Each resident can have their own phone line in their room. Each room is
equipped to have a private phone at the residents own expense.

Do you offer beauty shop services?
We have an on-site beauty shop and a retired beautician who can provide
services to our residents. Beauty shop services are available at an additional
charge to the basic fee and will be charged to a monthly misc. bill.

Beauty Shop Price List:

Haircut                        $12
Haircut & set              $32
Color & set                 $32
Color, Cut & set         $42
Perm                           $42

What is your visitation policy?
Our visiting hours are from 8a.m. to 8p.m. However, accommodations can be
made on an individual basis as needed. Family and friends are always welcomed
and encouraged to visit.

What about furniture and personal belongings?
Each resident’s room is furnished with a bed, dresser, and nightstand. However
if residents prefer they are welcome to bring their own furniture. We encourage
residents to bring items such as pictures and decorations to personalize their
room and make it feel more like home. Residents may also bring their own
pillows or blankets if they prefer.

What type of call system or safety devices are offered in the home?
• Each bedroom and bathroom is equipped with an intercom call system.
• Residents also have a pendant style call button that can be used anywhere in
the home.
• All exiting doors and the kitchen entrance are connected to an alarm system to
ensure resident safety.
• Bathrooms are equipped with grab bars, taller than normal toilets, and the
shower area is barrier free allowing for ease when getting in and out.

Does the home offer religious /church services?
Currently there is no religious/church worship service available. However, local
church groups do visit the home and perform musical presentations etc. All
faiths and clergy are welcomed to the home. Clergy are encouraged to visit and
provide religious services as per resident and family requests.

What types of activities does the home provide?
We provide satellite TV in our living room area and satellite TV hook up in each
bedroom. Newspapers and magazines are available. Activities like arts, crafts,
flower gardening, chair exercises, bingo, cards, puzzles, board games, and
movie night are regular activities. Presentations from local church and children’s
groups are scheduled as able. Local outings are also provided such as going to
listen to local bands at the band shell in the summer, festivals, parades and trips
to the library. All activities will be arranged as per resident abilities.