About Us
The Walnut Grove Family
Residents of Walnut Grove will enjoy the homelike
atmosphere in this beautiful country setting.  Walnut
Grove employees and residents are supervised by
Lisa, and experienced Registered Nurse; and her
husband Joe, also an experienced Registered Nurse.
Our children
(pictured at left) just love to help out!

The goal at Walnut Grove is to provide family-like care
enhancing the quality of life in your retirement years.

Our family looks forward to caring and helping you!
The Walnut Grove Atmosphere
Our residents are cared for in a loving, family way.  
We invite you to stop by and visit our home to truly
appreciate the atmosphere of Walnut Grove!
We have recently added
new pictures to the Photo
Album page!  Please feel
free to take a look!
All About Walnut Grove AFC
Our Children:
Matthew, Jessica,
and Marissa
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