Welcome to the Walnut Grove Photo Album!
The following photo's were taken at Walnut Grove AFC!  Please feel free to browse through them all.  This will give you a
good idea of what our home looks like, and what we provide here.  Although, the best way to experience our home is to
come out for a visit!  Please feel free to visit us anytime!
Enjoying an evening meal together!
Working on projects
The front of Walnut Grove
This is the backyard, showing part of the deck
Photo Album
Photo's From Walnut Grove AFC
This is one of our bedrooms
This is the Walnut Grove Beauty Shop
This is the dining room
This is the living room; great for relaxing anytime
Just relaxing
One big family!
Enjoying some "family" time!
There's always something going on
This is the backyard around the fire pit
Even the cats find Walnut Grove relaxing
Our residents have as much fun as the kids do!